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EV Charger Services in Memphis

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Titans Electric is quickly becoming the most called-upon electrical repair services company in Memphis for simple reasons that we believe makes up every quality electrician service: experience, drive to continue learning, a customer service based approach, and a refusal to deliver less than perfect work. One of the areas we deliver exceptional service for is installing electric car home charging stations.

Your electrical vehicle (EV) charger will quickly become the lifeline that enables you to get around when you need to and expect to. Upon the purchase of an electric vehicle, make sure that your EV charger has been installed correctly, and can be properly serviced - make sure to call Titans Electric. In addition to EV chargers, we also provide expert lighting installation to ensure your home has the light they deserve.

Benefits of Installing a Home EV Charger

You can't deny the rising popularity in electric vehicles. They run efficiently, look awesome and are eco-friendly. But, have you considered the benefits of having an EV charging station at home? They aren't complex are anything you need to be afraid of, and they don't require much from the owner of the vehicle. Below are 3 of the main benefits for having an EV charger installed at your home.

  • Cost-efficiency -
    With the future of electric cars looking bright, having a charging station at your home helps alleviate you from the uncertainty of charging station prices. But, when you can do it from your home it can cost you as much as a couple of bucks for a full charge.
  • Safe Charge-up -
    Charging stations can be a bit of an unknown and messy in certain areas. But, when you are using your own station at home, you know for a fact that the equipment will be well maintained and gently handled.
  • Potential Tax Credits -
    The more and more homes and businesses that start moving to cleaner energy the more and more likely you may start seeing tax credits for owning an electric car and owning a home charger.

Complete EV Charger Services

The sooner you allow experienced electrical servicers to become familiar with your EV charger, the sooner you can rest assured that you can rely on your new electric vehicle. Consistency and dependability is what Titans Electric is all about, and we can help you establish that in your vehicle.

Our Memphis electricians providing the following services on EV chargers:

  • Safety Inspection: If your EV charger is connected to a business, you want to be sure it complies with safety standards. Additionally, you may want to take precautions for little ones in your home.
  • Installation: This ensures that the electric car charger installation is done with precision, and each of its components are running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Repair: You can't afford to have your EV charger let you down for any longer than it already has. Our team provides fast, effective repair services to get you back on the road as soon as possible.
  • Maintenance: Scheduling regular maintenance services is the best way to make sure you can rely on your charger, and to catch big electrical problems in their earliest stages.

How Long Does it Take to Install a New EV Charger?

Generally, the installation process takes a few hours to complete. The electrician or installer will need to assess your electrical setup, determine the best location for the charger, and make the necessary connections. They will also need to ensure that the charger meets safety standards and regulations. After the installation, they may test the charger to ensure it's working properly. While it's not an extremely lengthy process, it's important to allow sufficient time for the installation to be done correctly and safely.

You've made an intelligent and considerate decision to go electric. Make the next, necessary steps to be sure you can rely on the systems that your car will rely on. Take a look at our reviews!

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