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Your city's power lines direct electricity straight to your breaker box. This usually gray box can be found in your garage, on the side of your home, or in a utility room. Since it's one, direct current of power, it needs to be regulated and directed into different areas of your home accordingly; this is the service that your electricity panel provides.

If it's not functioning properly, electricity will be unevenly distributed to areas of your home - some areas not getting enough and some areas getting too much, causing overheating and serious potential danger. Hiring an experienced Memphis electrician to upgrade your panel is a safe way to make sure your home is adaptable to the ever-growing usage of electricity.

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What are the Benefits of a New Electrical Panel?

Some homeowners find it within the scope of their power to continue without the full capacity of their panel, constantly monitoring which devices are on at a time and using them individually, or opting for excessive use of extension cords. The problem will keep getting worse, and it's better to be proactive.

Some of the benefits of a new panel include:

  • Convenience -
    With a new upgraded electrical panel you will experience more stability and a greater convenience as these systems won't trip out due to an overload and you won't have to deal with blown fuses again.
  • More Consistent Power -
    With older electrical panels, they tend to not offer consistent power to your modern electrical appliances. With a new upgraded panel, we can assure you that your home's electrical power will be much more consistent.
  • Increases Home Safety -
    One of the benefits of upgrading your electrical panel is that it helps increase your home's safety. If their is a malfunction with your old electrical panel, it could cause an electrical fire and damage your home and property.

How Can I Know When It's Time for an Upgrade?

The main problem that most electrical panels have is that we are constantly using more and more devices that are dependent upon electricity at the same time. Your 25-year-old breaker box and panel was not designed to power 5 different individuals' laptops, cell phones, or tablets, in addition to the many other appliances it has always been responsible for.

It's time to have your panel looked at by a professional Memphis electrician if:

  • Smell Something Burning -
    If you notice the undeniable smell of plastic or wood burning, check your circuit breaker. If the odor seems to be coming from your circuit breaker, don't wait to address this as it can quickly become a electrical fire and endanger you and your household. Contact us immediately if you notice something burning.
  • It's Original To The Home -
    If your electrical panel is original to the home, it may be time to look into upgrading the panel. Even if you don't notice any problems with it, contact us to come and take a look.
  • Constantly Flip Breakers -
    If you find yourself constantly having to flip your breakers to bring power back to your home, you may want to have our professional Memphis electrical panel technicians come and take a look at your electrical panel.

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