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Memphis Outdoor Lighting

Enhance Your Home with Premier Exterior Lighting in Tennessee

One of the great opportunities our Memphis electricians enjoy is the chance to make an outdoor area shine as beautifully as an indoor area. It allows our customers the chance to enjoy comfort in previously unused or unexpected space at night, and it allows us the opportunity to take our lighting craft to the new frontier of the outdoors.

We at Titans Electric live to apply our knowledge and experience in the form of providing our customers remarkable lighting. Regardless of the vision or purpose you have in mind for your exterior luminance, we enjoy carrying it out - always on time, and always on budget. In addition to our professional outdoor lighting, we also provide expert indoor lighting installation services!

Our Memphis electrical contractors are trained and equipped to design, install, repair and maintain several different outdoor lighting systems. Call us at (901) 509-9918 today!

Benefits of Professional Outdoor Lighting

Now and days our outdoor spaces are often an extension of our home, with dining spaces, kitchen equipment and even lounge areas. But, what are the benefits of outdoor lighting? Outdoor lighting can elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space, make it safer and even enhance your home's value. At, Titan's Electric, we have provided you with 3 benefits of what outdoor lighting can provide for you and your yard.

  • Security & Safety -
    By adding outdoor lighting you can help protect your home from potential intruders. By setting up timed triggers for your outdoor lighting, this will not only deter intruders, but it also can provide safety for guests that are leaving your home after a late night gathering. With the added lighting to your driveway, stairs and even railing, it makes sure that your guests won't take an unexpected falls leaving your home.
  • Improved Aesthetic -
    Outdoor lighting not only is a nice finishing touch to your yard, but it also enhances the natural beauty of your yard by allowing people to see and pay attention to the beautiful trees and flowers that you have planted and invested your time and money into.
  • Increase Home Value -
    Having professional outdoor lighting down adds value to your home in more ways than one. Not only does it highlight the natural beauty of your backyard it also increases the usability of your yard by adding light to areas that would be dark and hard to see in. In addition, it also is an affordable way to improve your property value by boosting the curb appeal of your entryway.

Swimming Pool & Spa Lighting Installation

Because these are designed to coexist with water, the installation and repair of these underwater lighting systems needs to be done with absolute precision, by absolute professionals. When done correctly, your pool becomes a beautiful new space, inside and out.

Outdoor Patio & Deck Lighting Designs

Your outdoor space is wonderful during the day, but the proper recessed or pedant lighting can really make it sing at night, allowing for more recreational and entertainment space. Don't be afraid to be bold and try something truly dramatic like an outdoor chandelier.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Lighting

The installation of a ceiling fan under your balcony provides cooling relief on summer afternoons, and is also a convenient opportunity to install lighting. In conjunction, our team has the ability to provide your family the comfort of an indoor space with the unparalleled atmosphere of the outdoors.

Landscape Lighting

Strategically positioned LED lighting in your front and back outdoor spaces allow for your carefully designed landscape to remain seen at night. Our team is equipped to aid in the design of these lights, as well as their connection to your home's power source.

Contact us at (901) 509-9918 today to speak with one of our Memphis outdoor lighting electricians about optimizing your outdoor space!

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